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When would you need scaffolding?

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If you are doing repair work on a house or a building, chances are, you would have to work on something that’s more than four feet high. We’d say that it’s the minimum height for you to use scaffolding, but actually, the height doesn’t even matter much.

Whether the project is two, four, eight, or any metre higher, there’s no denying that any construction, maintenance, or inspection could use scaffolding to guarantee safety.

Indeed, a ladder might help you reach high areas, but the question is: how safe would it be?

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Why should you use scaffolding?

To answer the previous question, it’s apparent that scaffolding is relatively safer to use. Though you can reach great heights with a ladder, it also puts you at a heightened risk of falling, especially if you’re working for extended periods of time.

Efficiency-wise, it is also the better option as workers would have a stable platform to walk on while working, and casters may even be used should you need to work on different areas. Moreover, it provides workers with a place to set their tools. In that way, they wouldn’t have to climb up and down just to get what they need.

It can be said that scaffolding allows for more room for working and less room for accidents.

Why should you hire our scaffolding?

With Sydney Scaffolding, you can only expect that our scaffolding equipment is made of materials of the highest quality and made by expert designers. The delivery, erection, maintenance, and dismantling are also a few less things to worry about as they will be done by our competent scaffolders. Upon erection on-site, they are also always thoroughly inspected by qualified structural engineers before being hired out so that you can rest assured that the project will be 100% accident-free.

In terms of expertise and efficiency, choosing to hire our equipment already sounds like an excellent deal in itself. However, what if we told you that it also has its financial advantages? For one, purchasing your own scaffolding equipment can set you back a few thousand bucks, and without a doubt, that wouldn’t be worth the cost if you’ll only be using it for a week or two anyway. When you choose to hire instead, you’ll only have to pay for the duration that you actually used the scaffolding. And when you consider hiring from Sydney Scaffolding?

We guarantee that you won’t be able to do two things:

(1) say no, with rates as competitive as ours, and

(2) find a better option that offers better value for your money.

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Sydney Scaffolding Hire

We offer an extensive range for you to choose from—whether it may be standard, cantilever, suspended, or kwikstage—you name the project, we've got the scaffold!

Moreover, when hiring out equipment, we prioritise two things: the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our years of experience in the field of scaffolding have trained us to be reliable and skilled in what we do, so you can be assured that our equipment and services wouldn’t disappoint.

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