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Commercial Scaffolding, Sydney, NSW

What is scaffolding?

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen a building with ongoing construction at one point in your life, but more likely than not, you weren’t able to fully see its structure just yet because there was an assortment of wooden planks and metal rods covering it.

That is the scaffolding.

It is an elevated working platform used temporarily to support workers and their tools and give them access to great heights. Using a mere ladder to reach high areas can be daunting and generally dangerous, and they don’t offer mobility and space to place necessary tools and equipment. Thus, scaffolding is utilised by workers for efficient construction, restoration, and maintenance of exterior parts.

Yellow scaffolding built on top of an existing building in Sydney
Scaffolding being built around an existing commercial structure for renovations

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What is the scaffolding process?

Building and setting up the scaffolding must be done in a meticulous manner to prevent any mistakes that might lead to grave accidents. Below are the steps that we undertake to guarantee utmost security:

·        Gather necessary materials. Before everything else, we gather every tool, material, and equipment that we’ll be needing to erect the scaffolding. We then ensure that they are all up to Australian standards.

·        Locate a stable foundation. This chosen ground must be levelled and without any slopes. Otherwise, if we have no choice but to build the scaffolding on uneven ground, we use base plates. Optionally, using casters would be helpful if the project requires us to work in different areas so that we won’t have to set up the scaffolding repeatedly.

·        Assemble the structure. Lay out the opposite ends of the frame, along with their ladders, then attach the cross braces. These provide extra support to the scaffolding frame. Afterwards, we move it to the positions where we’ll be using it then inspect its stability.

·        Install planks and guardrails. Put the planks into place and secure them with swivel locks. Slide the guardrail posts on each corner, fastening them with bolts, then attach the top and bottom rails in between.

·        Conduct an inspection. Before having someone climb up the scaffolding, we conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that no accidents will occur due to any oversight. Are the casters locked in place? Base plates secure? Nuts and bolts fastened? We ask these many times after we finish the scaffolding and a few more times again upon every arrival to the site.

New office tower in Sydney being constructed with scaffolding surrounds
Crane in background lifting up steel for construction in Sydney
New office being constructed with scaffolding placed around it

Scaffolding in commercial buildings

Are you looking to construct or renovate the building for a new commercial business? Then you’d certainly need some scaffolding, especially if it’d be more than a story high.

Whether you’re looking to establish a mall, a grocery, or even something as high as a high-rise hotel, having scaffolding during the construction process will make the work quicker and more convenient for the workers. The same goes for the maintenance and renovation of existing buildings. Either way, scaffolding will provide workers with space to walk on and to set their tools.

Sydney Scaffolding uses durable, first-rate materials that will give even those afraid of heights peace of mind. Moreover, our team is adept at everything scaffolding, so you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands.

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We make and set up scaffolding with your safety and convenience in mind. Excellence is our virtue, and it is reflected in the quality of our outputs.

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